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The Parish of South Lafford

Our Vision

During the autumn of 2015, a large group of parishioners held a series of discussions about the future of our parish with the help of the Discipleship Team of the Diocese of Lincoln.  We have agreed the following statements:

Our Vocation and Values


The Parish of South Lafford exists to demonstrate the love of God across our villages.  We seek to do this by:

  • caring for our neighbours and those in need,

  • mutual sharing of gifts and experiences,

  • praying and teaching the Christian faith

Our Vision

Our over-arching vision for the future is to become:

An all-inclusive, vibrant, Christ-centred church, embracing all ages: nurturing, informative, lively and spiritual, focusing on three particular strands:

  • working with children, young people and families;

  • communicating across the parish; and

  • developing the worship in the eleven churches.

During 2016-8 we made progress in all these areas (this new website is part of the communication strand).  In early February 2019 we met again and we were delighted to look back and celebrate progress so far.  We have been pleased by the growing quality and depth of our fellowship, particularly after the Sunday services, and by the development of our work with children.  We would also like to develop a visiting team not just for the sick and lonely, but also to follow up baptisms, weddings and funerals.  

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