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The Parish of South Lafford

Resourcing Sustainable Church

Resourcing Sustainable Church”: A Summary of the Draft Proposals

‘Resourcing Sustainable Church’ is our Diocesan response, formed in consultation with over 500 people over the last 15 months, both to the reality of our current financial position - an unsustainable annual budget deficit of over 3 million pounds a year - and our deep desire to respond better to the mission context we find ourselves in today: a changing society and a world that is still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic.  As we work together to become a healthy, vibrant, sustainable church, serving every part of Greater Lincolnshire with the transforming message of Jesus, our task is as it always was, but we know that in order to achieve it, we have to change: together.


The proposals for “Resourcing Sustainable Church” address five main areas of diocesan life affecting our sustainability – both missionally and financially: the pattern of our ministerial deployment (where and how our lay and ordained ministers work); our ability to contribute parish share; our central costs; our historic assets; and our possibilities for growth.


They are still a work in progress, that will be developed and refined over the next weeks through the consultations we are holding. But we are confident that they make sense, that they are doable; and that they provide a way forward for us as a diocesan family, to be faithful in our worship, confident in our discipleship and joyful in our service: together.


A pdf document is available below to download, this gives more information on the five main areas:-

  • Proposals for Ministerial Deployment

  • Proposals for Parish Share

  • Proposals for Growth

  • Proposals for Assets

  • Conclusion

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