The Parish of South Lafford

At present, small funerals with up to 30 attenders may take place either in a church or churchyard.  Please speak to Rev. Cameron Watt who will help with the arrangements.

We recognise how difficult this will be for many and add to the pain of a loss.  Please contact Reverend Cameron Watt to discuss the possibility of a memorial service at a date in the future where more people can be present.

The guidance from the national church is available at:


A church funeral gives the opportunity to thank God for the life of a loved one, to say farewell and to commend the person into God's safe keeping, and to grieve with friends and family. The church wants to give you every support it can at this difficult time, both before and after the funeral. To arrange a funeral in one of our churches, or at a local crematorium, please contact your funeral director, or give Revd. Philip Johnson a call on 01529 304348 or send an email: