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The Parish of South Lafford

Annual District Church Meetings

and the

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Have your say about your village church and the wider parish

Each year, every church in our parish has a separate Annual District Meeting.  The Annual District Meeting is an opportunity to hear updates on the church and on the wider parish, and to air your views.  Churchwardens, a secretary and someone to manage each church’s individual accounts, together with members of each church’s District Council are chosen at the meeting.  Nomination forms for these positions can be found at the bottom of this page. These positions are then ratified at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and the new people take office. 

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting we also elect a parish lay chair, parish treasurer and parish secretary, who with the churchwardens form the Parochial Church Council, the body which works with the priest and parish administrator to run the parish. 


If you wish to be added to the church electoral roll (so that you can vote at your village meeting), you need have been baptised, and to have completed a form,  before your own Annual District Meeting - and by the deadline date advised each year for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  Please see the Parish Electoral Roll page for more information, the deadline date and the Electoral Roll Application form.

The Annual District Meetings

The dates for the Annual District Meetings (ADM) 2024 have been held for each of our churches on the dates shown below.  The ADM Notices were displayed on each church noticeboard.  

Aswarby  -  Thursday 25 April - 7.00pm - Aswarby Park, Aswarby

Aunsby   -    Saturday 27 April - 11.00am - In the church, Aunsby

Dembleby  -  Friday 19th April - 6.30pm - In the church, Dembleby

Folkingham  -  Wednesday 3 April  -  7.00 pm  -  In the church, Folkingham lower vestry.

Newton  -   Thursday 11 April - 7.00pm - Woodside Farmhouse, Newton

Osbournby  -  Friday 5 April - 7pm - The village hall, Osbournby

Pickworth  - Saturday 23 March  -  11.00 am  -  Hus House, Pickworth.

Scott Willoughby  - Saturday 13 April - 11.00 am - The Old Rectory, Scott Willoughby

Swarby  -  Saturday 20 April  -  1.30 pm  -  In the church, Swarby

Threekingham   -  Tuesday 16 April 7.00 pm - In the church, Threekingham

Walcot   -  Tuesday 12 March  -  7.00 pm  -  In the church, Walcot

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting

         The Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2024 (APCM) was held:-

Date: Tuesday  14th May

Time: 7.00 pm

Venue: Pickworth Village Hall, Village Street, Pickworth, NG34 0TD

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance from the national church can be found at:

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