The Parish of South Lafford


South Lafford PCC Meeting Agenda


Tuesday 21 January , 7pm - St Andrew's Church, Folkingham


 1. Opening prayer and reflection

 2. Apologies for absence

 3. Threekingham – update on discussions

 4. Approval of minutes of meeting of 12.11.19, Action log

 5. Matters arising (not already on the agenda)

 6. Notice of any other business to be discussed later if time allows

 7. Governance   

a)Proposal to re-authorise R Blythe as an Authorised Lay Minister 

 8. Annual meetings 2020

a) Electoral Roll revision. 

b) Annual District Meetings for District Church Councils

a. Dates

b. Notices

c) Annual Parochial Council Meeting 2020 (APCM) Tuesday 28th April 2020

a. Notices

b. Posts to be elected

d) Churchwardens visitation dates 2020

  9. Archdeacon’s visitation to South Lafford – 4th March and 1st April

10. Safeguarding

11. Rev. Cameron’s report including:

12. Treasurer update

a) Finance Report to the PCC 

b) Draft Budget Note 2020 and options 

13. Faculty requests:

1 - Faculty for gravespace reservation at Folkingham for GW

2 - Faculty for gravespace reservation at Folkingham for JS

3 - Faculty for gravespace reservation at Folkingham for JO

14. Quinquennial Inspections (QI)

a) Aswarby QI inspection date: 30 August 2019

b) Threekingham QI Inspection date: 3 October 2019

c )Aunsby QI Inspection date: 10 October 2019

15. Parish Music

16. Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

17. Churches Together report

18. Any other business

19. Suggested dates of future meetings and venue (7pm, venue tba):  Tuesday 31 March 2020

20. South Lafford Prayer

Alison Scott (PCC Secretary), 17.01.2020

The Parochial Church Council is the executive committee for the Parish and has overall legal and financial responsibility for South Lafford.  It consists of the two churchwardens put forward by each of the eleven churches, together with the Rector, the Lay Chair and the Deanery Synod representatives elected at the Parochial Church Meeting.  The Parish Administrator is the Secretary to the PCC.  It meets every two months and voted in May 2017 for its agenda to be published on the parish website

What is the PCC?
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