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Parish Electoral Roll

The Parish Electoral Roll

If you are a supporter of the church, whether or not you attend regularly, please consider joining the electoral roll. 


The roll is updated every year before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  Please ask the Rector or a churchwarden for a form, or pick one up from any of our churches, and return it to the Parish Electoral Roll Officer, c/o the Rectory. 

While all residents of the parish can vote for churchwardens, the other positions are elected by people on the church electoral roll (this is not the same as the North and South Kesteven rolls). 

An Application for Enrolment on the Church Electoral Roll can be found in your church or can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf below. 

Preparation of a new Electoral Roll

Every six years, every parish is required by law to prepare a new Electoral Roll, and this was last done in 2019 and will be necessary in 2025.

Inclusion in a new Electoral Roll is not automatic - the new roll is created from scratch.  Everyone must apply to be included on a new Electoral Roll and will need to complete an Application for Enrolment form. 


The deadline for receipt of all 2019 applications was 1 April 2019, after which the new Electoral Roll was prepared.  

Forms could be posted to the Electoral Roll officer (details below).  Forms could also be given to a churchwarden or left on the desk near the door to your local church.

A list of the names, but not the addresses, of people on the Electoral Roll were posted in each of the eleven churches of the parish for a few weeks and have now been taken down.

Next year and every year until 2025 there will be a revision of the Electoral Roll.

Revision of the Electoral Roll.

The electoral roll is revised annually.  A notice announcing the revision of the roll will be displayed on or near the church door for at least two weeks before the commencement of the revision.  The only people who need to fill in an application form are those who have recently moved into the parish, joined the church, or reached the age of 16.  

Parish of South Lafford Electoral Roll Officer:

Karen Clarke

c/o The Rectory


NG34 0SW

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting for 2019 was held on Monday 29 April 2019 at 7 pm, held in Osbournby Village Hall. 

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